SpyBot and the Unsuspecting Lab Assistant, Episode 5

The technicians watched as all of Dr. Fires secret plans were being reveals right in front of them. They also saw how Dr. Fires had her sexual way with the SPYBOT. “She hasn’t changed a bit. Still a sick pervert” one of the technicians said. “We have to send her back in for one last thing but before we do we are going to have to put in another sensory overload buffer or she is going to blow a fuse.” “Who knows what that Dr. Fires will do to her next!” Still Laying on the table a silver sheet covers HRX-0072′s stomach. There are circuit boards sticking out of it. Another board is added. “Lets see if the new buffer improves her performance.” A metal arm comes in with a Fucking Machine attached and penetrates HRX-0072. The machine is activated and starts to piston HRX-0072. “That’s good. She is holding up well. The Fucking Machine brings HRX-0072 to orgasm. “We have done the best we can, I hope it is enough to withstand Dr. Fires depravity.