Rosie MK II: Personality Encoding and Regenerative Orgasms: Episode 1

Then came program 2 which was a bit of a shocker, she became very “dominate” and wanted to punish me. We had to freeze that program before things got out of hand. The third was a very sexy “French School Girl” who was lost and needs sex to find her way home. The second part of the test was the most interesting. We are testing a new technology. It called “Regenerative Orgasms” and that means for every orgasm she has she gains more power and wants more sex. You will see how she masturbates with just her fingers and how powerful her orgasm get and how she wants more. We do have to freeze her a number of times to make some adjustments and add a few things. We finally had to end the test at a count of 8 orgasms. It’s exhausting just watching her cum so much and so hard! I ask her if she would like more and she said “Yes Master I always want more!” I believe today’s test was a complete success!